Ballard FilmFeast

The Ballard FilmFeast was a film festival event held on Saturday, September 11, 2004 in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Festival Trailers
Ballard Film Feast Intro 1 Ballard Film Feast Intro 2

I co-created and produced the event in collaboration with ArtsBallard as part of an annual neighborhood arts festival (called "Art'fisk"). I also programmed the lineup of films, and created the festival trailers and promotional artwork.

Print Media
Ballard Film Feast Poster Ballard Film Feast Postcard

The Films

The program of 14 locally made films included documentaries, comedies, dramas and stop-motion animation.

"80's Ending"
by Douglas Jordan

by Michael Cross

by Michael Sanchez

"Are You Devoted?"
by Glenn Herlihy

"Ballard…" by Daniel Niemiec, Michael Pack & Nancy Ebert

"Charles Peterson, Photography"
by Steve Viehmann

"Foster Island"
by Serge Gregory

"Halibut Heads"
by John Helde

"Yak Phlem: Rondori"
by Hue Wong

"Shelf Life"
by Terran Gregory

by Aaron Bourget

"The Return Of Great Guy"
by Michael Sanchez

"The Winter Of Her"
by Heath Ward

by Ken Westermann